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OSHA 30 Hour Construction

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What I will learn?

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their rights as construction workers, including knowledge of applicable labor laws and regulations that safeguard their welfare.
  • Explain the responsibilities of employers in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment and recognize their role in promoting worker well-being.
  • Proficiently navigate the process of filing a complaint in response to safety violations or hazardous conditions encountered on a construction site.
  • Identify and assess various job-related hazards prevalent on construction sites, and comprehend the potential risks and consequences associated with each hazard.
  • Apply effective strategies to mitigate, avoid, control, and prevent job-related hazards, contributing to a safer working environment for themselves and their colleagues.
  • Utilize hazard abatement techniques to promptly address potential dangers and minimize the likelihood of accidents and injuries.
  • Differentiate between hazard identification, avoidance, control, and prevention measures, and comprehend the significance of prioritizing prevention over mere compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Demonstrate the practical application of their newly acquired knowledge by actively participating in hazard identification exercises and safety drills.
  • Collaborate with coworkers and supervisors to communicate potential hazards and contribute to the collective efforts of maintaining a secure construction site.
  • Successfully complete the training program, actively engaging in discussions, simulations, and assessments to reinforce their understanding of safety protocols.

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Material Includes

  • Learners are provided with online access to the material, which they can access from anywhere.


  • English language

OSHA 30 hour construction safety and health

OSHA 30 hour construction safety and health program is intended for beginners in the construction site to study about their rights, responsibilities of the employee and employer, the ways to identify workplace hazards and how to file a complaint. OSHA 30 hour construction safety and health focuses on the construction site hazards. 

30 hour OSHA Training

Mandatory Topics – 14 hours in this you learn 

Introduction to OSHA /Local Government Agencies

OSHA Foucs FOUR Hazards

Elective Topics – 12 hours covers major construction hazards

OSHA 30 hour construction


Undertaken from AISP assigned portal, results are declared immediately after the exam on your registered email. 

If you do not pass the examination, you are allowed to take the exam three time within one month.

Pass Percentage
Open Book Exam 70%
OSHA 30 hour construction safety course training

What you will get upon 30 hour OSHA course completion

For more information click here to watch this video. 

Mode of Training

  • Classroom
  • Virtual
  • eLearning
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