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To begin POSHE provides fire safety training in Chennai, along with offers variety of internationally accredited safety courses including NeboshIOSHHABCAOSH . All the international safety courses gives boost to your profile to work in any field as a safety aspirant. We multi dimensionally, delve in to the subject of safety, theoretical and practical way. We also offer Nebosh course in VizagQatar

To be successful, Poshe works in a strategic and constructive way in the class rooms having a foresee for every learner involved in the session.

Being health and safety organization; Poshe is revealing out resources to industries to play safety roles to their best.

Whereas, every member involved in the process of learning the courses, would have a valid take away from the session too.

Identically, we concentrate in delivering fire safety training in Chennai as well as on Health, safety and environment and further extend to conduct mock drills in industries, conduct safety audits and installations of fire fighting equipment.

At the same time, Poshe will endeavor for further new inventiveness in regards to health, safety and environment as well.

Development and improvement is everyday process – POSHE

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