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Course Overview:

NEBOSH collaborated with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Regulator, to create a one-day health and safety qualification for business leaders or those aspiring to this position.

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Leadership Excellence certificate course is a thought-provoking, interactive course. It reinforces the moral, legal, and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership and gives direction on the key areas to focus on, in order to obtain it.

Health and Safety Leadership Excellence – Nebosh HSL course contributes to achieving the organization’s objectives, including finance, operations, compliance, and governance.

Nebosh Health Safety Leadership Excellence – Leadership strategy is being visible and proactive.

Nebosh health and safety leadership excellence

Course Materials

What are the course entry requirement for Nebosh HSL course?

There are no specific entry requirements to join Nebosh HSL course, NEBOSH advises that students will need to get a minimum standard of English for many NEBOSH classes. Learners must have the ability to comprehend and understand the concepts in the program content and take assessments. 

Check your LSRW Communication Skills. 

Who can take the NEBOSH Leadership Excellence?

Nebosh HSL Course is suitable for business leaders, who works in any sector across globe. Nebosh HSL course spells out the significance of link between safety leadership and moral, legal, financial reasons. It helps to identify the existing weakness, hence it helps to identify what best practice can be put in place.

Key Topics

– What health and safety leadership means.

– The moral, legal and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership.

– The links between health and safety leadership and culture.

– What the different leadership styles are.

– How human failures can impact performance and culture.

– The HSE’s model of effective health and safety leadership.

– How leaders can build effective relationships with the workforce.

Unit HSL 1 : Health Safety Leadership

The Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence is made up of one unit: 

Unit HSL1: Health and safety leadership • 

Unit HSL1 is a taught unit, assessed by an on the day assessment which includes a leadership intervention that the student is planning to undertake

Nebosh Health Safety Leadership Excellence assessment is entirely different from other Nebosh assessments.

The assessment is carried out in the form of Reflective Statement, to check the learner’s awareness of how their skills, knowledge, attitude & behaviour may have effect on positive and negative health and safety performance.

Courses Training Date Exam Date
Nebosh HSL 8th to 09th May 2022  10th May 2022
Nebosh HSL 10th to 11th June 2022 12th June 2022


INR 28000/-

Payment Includes:

  • Registration 
  • Study Material from Nebosh
  • Training 
  • Administration
  • GST

Part payment, Offline and Online payment options available

Online Payment options contains all major Credit/Debits cards, UPI, Payments Geteways and more

Q – What is the admission process?
A – We have a 3-step online admissions process. Step 1 – Complete your simple application form on the first page of the website. or Click here to Book your Seat Step 2 – Your application will be reviewed, and our admissions team will notify you once your application has been shortlisted. Step 3 – Shortlisted candidates will receive a call or mail from our team. Final admissions offer will be granted upon payment of the fee and successful submission of the required documents.

Q – How long does it take to get my Results for Nebosh courses?
A– Usually it takes 24 working days from the date of your Nebosh HSL exam to get your results. However it may be delayed for any certain reasons as well.

Q – When do I get my certificates for Nebosh courses after getting my results?
A – If you clear the examination and pass all the paper in Nebosh IGC, then your certificates will be arriving within 20 working days from the date of result notification. you may get in touch with us to know your certificate status on +91 8056675918

Q – What I need to do if my results are referred?
AIf you think that you are not satisfied with your results and results on par with your expectation, you may submit an Enquiry About Result(EAR) request. For more details: Nebosh policies and procedures.

Submit EAR request within 20 working days from the date result has been issued.

Manavalan E, Grad IOSH, MSc. HSE, IDip OSH.

15 years of experience, worked in Aviation, Corporate safety services, Risk Assessment, HSE Audit/Training, Material development.

Approved Tutor : Nebosh  – HSA | IGC | HSL | RAW

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