National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health

Formed in 1979 with a charitable status, NEBOSH UK, is an independent examining board and certification awarding body. Since its inception, NEBOSH has been providing an extensive range of internationally recognised, Nebosh certificate qualifications for efficient environmental, health, and safety management in work places.

NEBOSH which means National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, are UK based awarding body that provides various online courses to the student. The course is geared towards helping students to be able to perform well in areas related to health, safety, construction site, and environment management. Hence, opening their eyes to things they have not to know or experience before, Nebosh certificate will help and equip them function well and better either in their previous workplace or school where they seek to work in the future.

What do we offer at Nebosh courses?

Here you get, the large scope of Nebosh Course information for novices in occupational health and safety, so as to enable them to more successfully perform their organizational duties or obligation with respect to workplace health and safety.

Students tend to learn more since Nebosh certificate, likely to get placed in large organizations or multinational companies which are working towards international standard but needs to adapt to these according to local needs or practice.

This is a place where those who desire to become a successful safety practitioner comes to learn because of the experience there is to gain and also experts that serve as lectures. Our lecturers who are also experts in the field helps our students learn well. Knowing them personally and helping them in their area of weaknesses.

We understand our students and know how to handle each person, either you’re a fresher or a re-sitter or just someone who need experience.

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