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Nebosh Health and Safety at Work Award (HSA)


Nebosh Health and Safety at Work – Course Description

Nebosh Health and Safety at Work Award, provides a knowledge on the common workplace hazards and how to deal with them.  The risk assessment provides a foundation and skills required to carry out a workplace risk assessment practically.   

On successful completion of this the learners will be able to:

  • understand the significance of managing health and safety, ensuring
    effective precautions in place to protect workers. 
  • workplace inspection, identifying common workplace hazards, evaluating risk.
  • the suitable controls measures and
    recommended actions. 
  • understand the reasons for incidents happening at workplace
    and how to investigate them.

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Course Content

Element 1 - Why and how you manage health and safety
Element 2 - Dealing with common workplace hazards
Element 3 - Stopping incidents and ill health before they happen
Element 4 - Learning from Incidents
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