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Thank you for choosing POSHE Solutions

We welcome you for Internationally Accredited Health & Safety Course – NEBOSH IGC – National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health - International General Certificate.

NEBOSH IGC is divided into 2 units:

Unit IG1 – Management of International Health and Safety – Theory – Open Book Examination

Unit IG2 – Risk Assessment Practical

Course Objective:

Nebosh IGC Course are extensively valued across the globe and is a prerequisite for anyone working in or looking to work in the sphere of health and safety. It offers an outstanding debut to occupational safety and health which develops a basic competence and is suitable to work with any industries & organizations.
Delegates will acquire an understanding of the significance of health and safety within your job role. Also, the NEBOSH course provides you with the competence required to take reasonable actions, which results in the successful management of health and safety at your workplace.

Course Duration:

80 hours online training + 24 hours open book examination.
You will get a online learning platform with 24 hours to complete your open book examination. The Open book examination are based on the workplace situation which requires learners to use their skills acquired during the training.
One Practical Assessment – will be submitted on the date provided by the learning partner – POSHE Solutions LP 1227.
Candidate needs to plan 45 hours of private study apart from the classroom training.

Course Commence Date:

Timing : 09:30 – 13:00

Training Mode : Online

Course Commence Date:

POSHE Solutions PVT LTD, Welcome you on board to our Internationally Accredited NEBOSH IGC Training programme.

Learning Agreement:

You are about to commence a globally recognized qualification, which will enhance your competence on health and safety, the course will provide better knowledge on health and safety management system as well as controlling the workplace hazards. The learner expected to provide his commitment to concentrate on the studies during this tenure both classroom training, as well as private study. NEBOSH IGC is a level 3 qualification, which needs the candidate to profound their knowledge exclusively, and ensure that you dedicate time for preparing both theory / practical assessment to qualify for this exam.

Course schedule are shared with you upon registration via email, you will also get a copy of study material / E-Learning access to start your preparation early.

POSHE solutions will provide

- NEBOSH Approved course materials / E-Learning.
- Classroom Environment with welfare facilities.
- Use qualified and approved tutors to deliver the sessions.
- Take you through the syllabus to cover the learning outcomes.
- Dissemination of information or resources that will help to qualify for this examination.
- Quick response to clarify your doubts.

We expect the candidates to have LSRW – Learning, Speaking, Reading & Writing Skills.

The candidate must

- To attend all the 10 Days training session.
- Involve yourself in classroom activities.
- To attend all the Mock exams including 100 Marks Mock Papers.
- To complete all the assignment work provided by the training on daily basis.
- Ensure that you prepare (self-study) - at least 4 hours in day.
- Take notes whenever required and pay special attention on the daily revision topics.
- Involve yourself sharing your workplace experience that may relevant to the topic.
- To pay attention to exam revision techniques, exam procedures.
- To feel free to ask the trainer on the topics where he has difficulty in learning to understand the concept clearly.
- Refrain from using mobile phones during the session.
- To notify us well in advance if you are taking leave during the session.
- If you are attending the session, then it is the responsibility of the individual candidate to do a self-preparation.
- Practical assessment must be your own work, do not copy from others – see mal practice policy
- We further have rights to prohibit the candidate from appearing for the exam due to poor attendance or failed to complete your E-learning modules, or those who have poor mock exam results during the session.

Classroom Training

Your tutor has aim to complete the entire syllabus in 10 Days’ time, he will use variety of resources during this course which can provide clear understanding of the topics such as health and safety management systems & Controlling workplace hazards. The objective of the session is to prepare you for the examination so that apply the right skills to qualify for this certificate course.
Most of the time is spent on taking the syllabus through power point, further discussion will be done on the topics to ensure you are clear with the topics, so we insist you to start your preparation early before you attend the session. You can note down the key points where you have doubts which can be discussed with the tutor during the session or one to one with the trainer.


You will be provided a feedback form to complete at the end of the course session, please highlight negative feedbacks if you had experienced any during the session, please provide your complaint via an email to support@poshesolutions.com

Commitment to Learner Agreement

I clearly understand the requirements which are set in the learner agreement and understand the condequences if I fail to achieve the above requirements.

Terms & Conditions :

Course Fees

When you enrol for the course, you agree to pay the applicable Registration fees, training fees, British Council orEcole charges may be due by you arising from your participation to the course.

Bank Charges

Learner is liable to incur any bank charges and additional costs which arises when you are making deposits into our bank account at the time of registration.

Payment Reference: When making payment for course fees, you must provide us with the bank reference number or counter foil copy of the payment made to us. We will not liable if we are unable to locate your payment on our bank statement, as a result this will lead to cancellation of your participation from the course.

If payments are made using credit or debit card may incur an additional charge of 2% extra.


You hereby acknowledge and provide a consent to us to contact you in relation to any due payment by you. We may contact over the telephone, email or text message or other means as determined by us.


The learner can raise a refund request to us in writing via email. All refund will be considered with valid reason. You may cancel your participation for the course before registration closing date – the learner will be eligible for a full refund of the fees paid at the time of registration. Under no circumstances the fees will not be refunded any request raised after registration closing date. (Get in touch with our course advisor for registration closing date as it may differ for each course)

Cancellations and Deferrals

Outstanding Payments

If you do not settle your outstanding payments in accordance with agreed payment terms, we will not able to provide you the Exam Entry Confirmation / Results. We will not able to issue your Final Certificate unless all the outstanding payments are cleared in full.


If you wish to defer your participation to the next schedule, you need to give us in writing or via email before registration closing date for that course. Deferral will be accepted only one time to the next available schedule. We do not guarantee the date for future schedule, you do so at your own discretion.

Insufficient demand

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a course if there is insufficient demand. In this case, a full refund is applicable for the learner, however any tax including GST or bank charges will be deducted from the payables to you.