Emergency Procedures at Workplace

Every organisation shall have written procedures in place related to fire, first aid, chemical spillage or any other emergencies which may arise in the workplace.

All workers must be aware of such emergency procedures, they must be trained how to react in the event of emergency so that they understand the importance of precautions and how to react.

Workers may be provided with instructions, drills and training to handle the emergency situations.

Emergency procedures Instructions shall include

  • the actions taken upon fire break out, chemcial spillage, medical emergency if any.
  • the actions to be taken upon hearing the alarms(e.g. fire alarm)
  • clear instructions stating the procedures to raise the alarm using manual call points.
  • the procdures to handle calls to provide information to the fire authority or emergency response team.
  • the locaitonand use of fire fighting equipment, first aid equipment like AED.
  • the locations of emergency assembly points, the procedures to exit the buidling upon hearing the alarm.
  • the importance of isolating the power in your areas, wherever possible.
  • the procedures to assist disbaled workers during evacuation of the building.

The importance of First Aid boxes during emergency :

First aid boxes must be readily accessible from every location and are place at eye level, there also must be a trained first aid presonal available in the site round the clock.

The first aid box contents may vary according the risk level and number of occupants present in the site.

Lone workers shall be provided with separate kits since they have to work away from base.

It is the responsibility of the employer to display the names of the trained first aider at the notice boards with their contact numbers.

The importance of Emergency procedures

Every organisationmyst have effective plans in hand to deal with forseeable emergency situations that may arise in the workplace.

Types of Emergency arise in the workplace

  • Fire
  • Chemical spillage
  • Bomb threat
  • release of toxic gas
  • Medical emergencies

There may natural emergencies that may arise including flood, storms.

The main aim of emergency procedures is to mitigate the situations becoming worst, it should be designed to deal with the cause of emergency, evacuation of workers from the danger zone, arrangements to coordinate with emergency services, like fire department, medical services, police.


Emergency Procedures at Workplace
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